Mission Statement

The mission of Decatur Heritage Christian Academy is to assist families by providing their children with an education that is excellent and which instills Biblical principles to guide their lives.


As Decatur Heritage Christian Academy fulfills its mission, it will stand as a lighthouse to those seeking a Christ-centered place of excellence in academics, activities and athletics — a place from which students can then launch into adult life equipped with the character and skills to navigate successfully.


As DHCA endeavors to fulfill its mission and realize its vision, our ministry shall be characterized by a four fold commitment:

  1. A Commitment to Spiritual and Scholastic Excellence.
    With the Scripture as the basis of our teaching, we endeavor to motivate our students to excel spiritually and scholastically. In striving for this ideal we are determined to utilize innovative technologies and to be highly selective in the curricular materials we choose.
  2. A Commitment to Christ-centered Education.
    Believing that Jesus is Lord of all life, we will communicate His love and His character to every student. We will be sensitive to His lordship and leading and dedicated to His call in our life as educators.
  3. A Commitment to Integrity.
    We believe that Christians must live honestly and responsibly and that we must emphasize this priority to our students.
  4. A Commitment to Relationships.
    We are committed to building the strongest possible relationships with our school families, the churches to which they belong and the community in which we all live. As leaders we recognize the need to be responsive to needs and to foster genuinely interactive communication.