The task of Decatur Heritage is to provide a Christian education to the students. Those students are created in the image of God, yet fallen. Therefore, we must recognize and account for both the greatness and the depravity present in the students’ lives. In that context, they must be equipped to live the life of faith. That life begins with a saving knowledge of God through Christ. That life continues as they grow in their knowledge, love, and devotion to Him. That life will be lived within the Christian community, using unique gifts and talents for the benefit of others to the glory of God.

Our students will also live within our society as a whole. We must teach them to develop a critical eye for appreciating and using the good in the world while sifting out the evil. They must be taught a transformational worldview, one that seeks to bring biblical principles to bear on every aspect of life. Our goal for our students is for them to engage the culture, not run from it or accomodate it. To do so as salt and light (Matthew 5:13-14), they will need to learn wisdom and discernment in addition to knowledge.

Practically, we provide a K-12 experience that incrementally prepares each student for college by the time of high school graduation. Our approach to each area of truth about the created order covered in the curriculum is that God made it and that He sustains it. Students should leave Decatur Heritage with a firm academic foundation, ready to view the “real world” through the lens of Scripture. With that preparation and understanding, our graduates can pursue successfully callings as varied as their God-given gifts, talents, and interests.