Our approach to our curriculum choices recognizes the worth of the timeless truths of God’s Word, the historic insights of the Church universal, and the value of building on the foundations of the great thinkers in the stream of civilization. By so doing, we seek to show the students the wonders of God’s special and common grace to mankind. We attempt to bring together the pertinent facts of a discipline, the logical relationships of the elements within that discipline, and the winsome, accurate expression of the application of that discipline. At the end of the course of study, our students should know the right things, know why they believe those things to be true, and be able to effectively express that knowledge to the world.

Curriculum for Grades K5-12

The faculty, administration, and board work together to select the best available textbooks and supplementary materials for each grade. Both Christian and secular textbooks are considered. These resources are then implemented by the faculty with the desire to present each subject from the standpoint of a Christian worldview. Oftentimes, a secular text, based on content and emphasis, gives the faculty the best opportunity to present a discipline while also pointing out non-Biblical assumptions and philosophies. Certainly, the grade level and spiritual maturity of the student are considerations, as well. For uniformity and memorization, the King James and the New International Versions are used for our Bible courses.