All schedules for 2016-2017 athletic events will be posted here as soon as the schedules are finalized with the AHSAA.

Schedules Posted:

  • Varsity Soccer
  • Varsity Softball
  • Varsity Baseball
  • JV Baseball
  • MS Baseball
  • Girls Tennis
  • Boys Tennis
  • Track and Field

Varsity Soccer

All home matches played at Wilson Morgan Park

TueFeb 21BrewerAway4:30
ThuFeb 23TannerHome6:00
MonFeb 27Mars HillAway5:00
ThuMar 2New HopeAway5:00
MonMar 6PricevilleHome5:00
ThuMar 9Whitesburg ChristianAway5:00
MonMar 13PricevilleAway5:00
ThuMar 16St. BernardAway5:30
SatMar 18TannerAway1:00
TueMar 21Madison AcademyHome5:00
ThuMar 23BrewerHome5:00
TueApr 4New HopeHome5:00
Mon-SatApr 10-15County TournamentAwayTBA
TueApr 18Madison AcademyAway5:00
ThuApr 20St. BernardHome5:30
MonApr 24Whitesburg ChristianHome5:00

Varsity Softball

FriFeb 24Covenant ChristianHome2:00 DH
TueFeb 28Whitesburg ChristianAway3:30
Fri-SatMar 3-4Decatur TournamentAwayTBA
ThuMar 9AddisonAway6:30
Fri-SatMar 10-11Russellville TournamentAwayTBA
Fri-SatMar 17-18Elkmont TournamentAwayTBA
MonMar 20DanvilleAway4:30 DH
TueMar 21Whitesburg ChristianHome4:00
MonApr 3Athens BibleHome4:30
ThuApr 6R.A. HubbardHome4:00 DH
FriApr 7East LawrenceAway4:00 DH
MonApr 10FalkvilleHome4:30
ThuApr 13Athens BibleAway5:00
Thu-SatApr 13-15County TournamentAwayTBA
MonApr 17FalkvilleAway4:30
TueApr 18DanvilleHome4:30
TueApr 25Shoals ChristianHome4:00
ThuApr 27AddisonHome4:00 DH
Mon-SatMay 1-6Area TournamentTBATBA
Thu-SatMay 11-13Regional TournamentHuntsvilleTBA
Wed-SatMay 17-20State TournamentMontgomeryTBA

Varsity Baseball

MonFeb 20AddisonHome1:00
ThuFeb 23 Colbert County/Shoals ChristianAway5:30 DH
SatFeb 25WestminsterHome2:00
MonFeb 27BrewerAway6:30
SatMar 4Hackleburg/SweetwaterAway12:00/4:00
MonMar 6HackleburgHome3:30
SatMar 11DanvilleHome1:00
SatMar 18Ragland/TalladegaAway1:00 DH
TueMar 21DanvilleAway4:30
ThuMar 23AddisonAway4:00
FriMar 24FalkvilleHome3:00
Sun-ThuMar 26-30Destin/Ft. Walton TournamentsAwayTBA
MonApr 3Athens BibleHome2:30
TueApr 4Athens BibleAway2:00 DH
FriApr 7ElkmontAway6:30
SatApr 8BrewerHome12:00 DH
MonApr 10Lindsay LaneHome3:00
TueApr 11Lindsay LaneAway3:00 DH
MonApr 17WestminsterAway6:30

JV Baseball

MonFeb 20AddisonHome3:00
SatFeb 25WestminsterHome12:00
MonFeb 27BrewerAway4:30
ThuMar 2Lawrence CountyAway4:30 DH
TueMar 7HackleburgHome5:30
SatMar 11DanvilleHome11:00
MonMar 13BrewerHome3:30 DH
TueMar 14Athens BibleHome3:00 DH
SatMar 18Elkmont/East LawrenceHome10:00/2:00
MonMar 20Athens BibleAway3:00 DH
TueMar 21DanvilleAway6:30
ThuMar 23AddisonAway6:00
FriMar 24FalkvilleHome5:00
Sun-ThuMar 26-30Destin/Ft. Walton TournamentsAwayTBA
FriApr 7ElkmontAway4:30
SatApr 8BrewerHome10:00
ThuApr 13Lawrence CountyHome3:30 DH
MonApr 17WestminsterAway4:30

MS Baseball

FriFeb 24RandolphHome3:30
SatFeb 25RandolphAway11:00 DH
TueFeb 28PricevilleAway5:00 DH
ThuMar 2ElkmontAway4:30 DH
SatMar 4Athens BibleHome12:00 DH
SatMar 11Danville/West PointAway2:00 DH
MonMon 13PricevilleAway5:00 DH
MonMar 20WestminsterHome4:00
TueMar 21WestminsterAway4:00 DH
ThuMar 23ElkmontHome3:30 DH
MonApr 3Athens BibleHome4:30
ThuApr 6WestminsterHome4:00
FriApr 7Athens BibleAway3:00 DH
MonApr 10Lindsay LaneHome5:00

Girls Tennis

ThuFeb 9St. John Paul II CatholicAway3:30
Fri-SatFeb 10-11Muscle Shoals TournamentAwayTBA
ThuFeb 16WestminsterPoint Mallard3:30
FriFeb 17WestbrookPoint Mallard3:30
TueFeb 21Lindsay LaneAway4:00
TueFeb 28Athens BibleAway3:30
ThuMar 2HartselleAway3:30
Fri-SatMar 3-4Hillcrest TournamentAwayTBA
MonMar 6PlainviewAway3:30
FriMar 10SylvaniaPoint Mallard3:30
MonMar 13Westminster Oak MountainAway3:30
TueMar 14AltamontPoint Mallard3:30
ThuMar 16St. BernardAway3:30
FriMar 17Austin TournamentAwayTBA
MonApr 3BrooksPoint Mallard3:30
TueApr 4Hazel GreenAway3:30
FriApr 7AltamontAway3:30
MonApr 10Muscle ShoalsAway3:30
TueApr 11HuntsvilleAway3:30
ThuApr 13WhitesburgAway3:30
TueApr 18Section TournamentCullman High SchoolTBA
Mon-TueApr 24-25State TournamentMobile Tennis CenterTBA

Boys Tennis

TueFeb 7WhitesburgDelano Park3:45
ThuFeb 9St. John Paul II CatholicAway3:30
MonFeb 13Hazel GreenAway3:30
FriFeb 17WestbrookPoint Mallard3:30
ThuMar 2HartselleAway3:30
Fri-SatMar 3-4Hillcrest TournamentAwayTBA
MonMar 6PlainviewAway3:30
FriMar 10SylvaniaPoint Mallard3:30
FriMar 17Austin TournamentAwayTBA
MonMar 20St. John Paul II CatholicAway3:30
ThuMar 23St. BernardAway3:30
MonApr 10Muscle ShoalsAway3:30
TueApr 11WhitesburgAway3:30
TueApr 18Section TournamentCullman HSTBA
Mon-TueApr 24-25State TournamentMobile Tennis CenterTBA

Track and Field

TuesdayMarch 14Muscle Shoals Invitational
SaturdayMarch 18Cullman Classic
FridayMarch 24Cold Springs Invitational
TuesdayApril 4Cullman JV Invitational
ThursdayApril 6Cold Springs Invitational
SaturdayApril 8Bob Jones Invitational
ThursdayApril 13Muscle Shoals Invitational
SaturdayApril 15Falkville Last Chance
SaturdayApril 22Huntsville Big Cat
Friday-SaturdayApril 28-29Sectionals (Winfield)
Friday-SaturdayMay 5-6State Meet (Cullman)