Your State Taxes Can Fund Scholarships

At Decatur Heritage Christian Academy we strive to provide our students with an excellent education that instills Biblical principles to guide their lives. While we already serve 324 students in the greater Decatur area, we would like to continue to expand our reach in our community. One way to accomplish this is to provide scholarships. DHCA has partnered with Scholarship For Kids, an Alabama Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO), to provide needs based scholarships. Over 34 Decatur Heritage students have received multi-year scholarships through Alabama SGOs. Our goal is to continue to increase this number. This is where you can help.

Would you consider redirecting your Alabama state tax dollars to benefit Decatur Heritage Christian Academy through Scholarship For Kids? By redirecting your Alabama state tax dollars, you can help provide scholarships to DHCA students.  This opportunity applies to both individuals and businesses.

Individuals: The Alabama Accountability Act (AAA) allows you to redirect 50% of your state tax liability on a dollar-for-dollar basis to fund scholarships.

Businesses:  A business that contributes to Scholarship For Kids not only receives the dollar for dollar tax credit, but you can also deduct it as a business expense on the federal side.  This means that your business will essentially make money by giving to SFK!

For more information, watch this video link. You may also contact Lisa Barnett at or 256-351-4275. Attached is a simple, step-by-step guide to making your donation. Please share this information with your accountant or with other individuals and businesses that are interested in the great work we are doing at Decatur Heritage.

You can give a child, who might not otherwise the opportunity, a DHCA education at no cost to you.  So the question isn’t “why”, but rather, “why not”.