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Each spring, the enrollment season begins with the re-registration of existing students. Siblings of current students are also eligible to enroll as new students during this time. Enrollment of new students begins after our current families have been given time to re-enroll and secure their placement for the upcoming school year. The enrollment process continues until each class reaches capacity, after which point a waiting pool is established. As openings come available, students will be selected based on best fit for the school, not necessarily on the order in which they entered the pool.

Selection of students for admission is based upon achievement as demonstrated by:

  • a standardized testing program and classroom grades 

  • school conduct reports

  • the spiritual background of the family

  • an interview with a school administrator

  • the completion of the registration/enrollment process

The school will not admit students following suspension, expulsion or dismissal from another school, public or private. A student must be in good standing with their current school to be admitted to DHCA. Decatur Heritage Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its admission policies or financial aid process.

Upon admission, the academic and social adjustment of new students will be closely monitored during the first nine weeks and, if needed, DHCA will be proactive to discuss any changes or recommendations that could help in the student’s adjustment. For this reason, all new students are admitted on a provisional basis.

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