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The mission of Decatur Heritage Christian Academy is to assist families by providing their children with an education that is excellent and which instills Biblical principles to guide their lives.

The vision of Decatur Heritage Christian Academy is to see every student inspired by and equipped with deep knowledge, a genuine love for Christ, and a life-long desire to make a difference in His name.


Our commitment, focus, and prayer is to see the following outcomes worked out in the lives of our students.

Decatur Heritage Christian Academy equips students to become discerning SCHOLARS who:

  1. Master the curricular goals throughout the various academic disciplines

  2. Engage in discovering, exploring, and practicing their God-given gifts and abilities

  3. Apply a Christian perspective to all areas of life and learning

  4. Demonstrate excellent command of various forms of communication, problem-solving skills, inquiry, and collaborative skills

Decatur Heritage Christian Academy equips students to become faithful DISCIPLES who:

  1. Demonstrate and affirm a personal, vibrant, and growing relationship with Christ.

  2. Give evidence to a thoroughly Biblical worldview fully embraced and cultivated

  3. Articulate and demonstrate a robust knowledge and understanding of God’s Word and its application to life

  4. Evidence Christ-like character and conduct their lives according to Biblical standards of virtue and ethics

Decatur Heritage Christian Academy equips students to become servant LEADERS who:

  1. Possess and demonstrate the intelligence, skills, and God-honoring character needed to build positive, cooperative and effective relationships with others.

  2. Strive to readily and humbly influence others by means of their faith, compassion and service.

  3. Accept and faithfully pursue opportunities to utilize their knowledge, skills, unique passions and gifts to influence the culture for Christ through excellence in all their endeavors.

  4. Actively engage in church life and the growth of God’s Kingdom.

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