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Decatur Heritage Christian Academy emphasizes academic and spiritual development and preparedness built upon the strength of a rigorous curriculum, personal relationships, and a grace-filled community. Our highly-qualified staff warmly leads students in learning to follow Christ as they powerfully equip them for academic success within DHCA’s college-preparatory setting. It is our prayer and goal to see every graduate fully equipped as a scholar, Christ-follower, and channel for meaningful influence in the world. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our teachers, curriculum, or anything else about our Upper School.

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Decatur Heritage Christian Academy is a place to learn with depth and meaning rooted in the Truth. Our students are best served and best equipped when they graduate as scholars. DHCA is focused on developing young men and women who are knowledgeable, skillful, thoughtful, and wise. A DHCA graduate is prepared to engage the world mindfully and effectively for God's glory and His Kingdom's sake.



As a distinctly Christian school, the knowledge gained and skills acquired have their greatest meaning and impact in the service of Jesus Christ. Students are inspired to embrace their faith with full affection. Motivated by God's grace our students mature in wisdom, grow in their love, and find their identity in Christ. To be set apart for Christ is the surest path to flourish in one's life.



DHCA graduates move forward in life with great purpose and initiative. Wherever God leads them they will be in a place to influence and affect those around them. In this context, our students will be equipped to seize every opportunity to make a difference. In service to Christ and love for others, they will be grace-filled messengers and ambassadors of transformation in their vocations and calling.



  • Dual Enrollment Courses

  • Advanced Placement Courses

  • Fine Arts and Foreign Language Options

  • Trips and Retreats

  • Community-based Entrepreneurial and Leadership Programs

  • Weekly Chapels

  • Service Opportunities

  • Honor Societies

  • Multiple School Clubs and Organizations 

  • Championship Level Athletic Teams

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